LATINKA PEROVIĆ. vrati se nazad. Are you a feminist? No. What do you consider the most feminine about you? My tone. What do you first think of when you. English: Latinka Perović. Date, 29 November , Source, http://www. ?photoId=&eventId= Dr Latinka Perović. Belgrade, Dr Latinka Perović * Belgrade, The St. Vitus Day Constitution of June 29, , Yugoslavia’s First Constitution.

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Then the transition left women out of production, without a role in the economy, reduced them to their households. I remember I was invited to a TV show once, we got questions, and I took a lot of time to prepare the answers seriously.

Perovic cites Svetozar Markovic, in a passage that is worth reprinting here. This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat The historical romanticism of the 19th century, the mythical interpretation of history as opposed to a scientific one, preserved in socialist Yugoslavia and never really went away. Are our positions not always at least partially infused with personal impressions?

It should never be forgotten that progress goes, and freedom stands [as] the general human need of every nation. These parties do not differ from one another. The regime choose war instead of reform at the beginning of the s, and the population confirmed this choice several times in elections. For me personally, the destruction of your political enemies is an unacceptable strategy. Readers should not think that this author stands completely alone in Serbia.

How do you interpret that much-anticipated event? I have always been fascinated by the fact that, in our history, one party rules hegemonically for a long time but then disappears almost completely after the death of its leader. After she was removed, she dedicated herself to historical research and is renowned as an expert in Serbian 19th-century and contemporary history.


How will they regulate economic relations?

And thus far, we have only had the simulation of political competition. Is it actually possible to take up such an objective position? Serbia right now finds itself at the very beginning of such a confrontation, and we should have no illusions. The move to a multiparty system was forced by external factors, and it did not create a genuine democracy.

Instead, the majority of Serb politicians, like their peasant constituents, regarded with pefovic suspicion those elements of modernity that seemed to upset the patriarchal and agrarian routine of their lives. There were more women in parliament, in social and political organizations. Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. She graduated in history at the University of Belgrade and earned a PhD degree in political science [1] at the same University.

In the past, while I was in politics, they probably thought the mere fact you had latibka high-ranking position- I was Secretary of the Central Committee of perpvic Communist League of Serbia- meant you had power.

It soothes me, somehow. Today, many remain reluctant to read the obituary.

File:Latinka Perović.jpg

On her doorstep, Katarina asked me if I was nervous- I shook my head. They [members of the nongovernmental organizations] were called traitors and enemies. Moreover, countless books already exist on the subject, and the public also has its opinion. Especially where we are in this suggested public promotion of women and their roles.


On the other hand, Europe had demographic problems before, and dealt with them. I think the achievements of the previous period were quite positive: I agree with the idea of your magazine — to present the contemporary female world in all its complexity.

These people that need to be taken cared of, that need to adapt, to integrate. It marks the beginning of a real crystallization. At that consultative meeting, there were people of all preovic and persuasions. The new regime had avoided the arrest for a long time because it feared the potential for public disorder.

Political opponents here have always been treated as enemies who need to be eliminated. That is a lesson that we need to learn. The controversial reactions to my book were inevitable since our society is split in half.

Latinka Perović – Wikidata

Women were left exposed to misfortune, violence, loss — of both property and family. High to Low Avg. Do you think that part of the heritage of the Yugoslav system of equality between women and men is now rapidly collapsing? You have mentioned that you have been inspired by truth commissions in other countries.

His death in led to the disintegration of the Radical Party.

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