CSSBB Primer 4th Edition September 0 /5. PRIMERS contain the appropriate bodies of knowledge plus sample questions and answers. Many ASQ. Preparing for CSSBB Test – I am currently preparing to take the If you use the Quality Council of Indiana Black Belt Primer as one of or your. Has anyone used the CSSBB Primer from the Quality Council for the ASQ exam? I am looking for recommendations for study materials and.

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Has been very informational from various aspects.

What are some pointers or suggestions that you would like to share that helped you during this process? Some of the providers have emphasised the importance of carrying out a real life application of LSS as part of the training which I would do at my current employers.

Priya February 3, 9: After completing the primer, quickly scan through the handbook and highlight any thing that you feel was not covered in the primer.

If you register for an exam, you must be sure you have the time and space to study for it and ace it. If a question seems lengthy, skip it If there is a table or a graph in a question skip it If you attempt a question and your answer does not match with any of the options, skip it, dont look for your mistake!

The primer gives a good guideline: I didnt get an opportunity to work on a real time project that I can submit to ASQ.

CSSBB Primer for ASQ Exam

I need recipes, like what Ott provides in his book. Although it is not a bad idea, I found that the indexes at the end of the books are sufficient to help you find anything you need.

Which level should I start? I want to get recognition for the knowledge and skills that I have gained using this methodology to constantly improve the business in which I’m working, so I decided to go through ASQ’s certification process – get the best of the best!


I hope this helps the you to prepare for and ace your exam. Anant Jain October cssgb, The most important aspect of this primer is that it gives you exercise questions at the end of each sections on blue pages. One or two of them seemed to have come out of left field – perhaps I would have caught them if my training had been csbb by ASQ? After your have read both books, built your concepts from Khan Academy and other sources, and attempted all those exercise questions, you are now 80 percent prepared.

I have my own note book with my notes on it. ASQ requires your to prove this through filling of 02 affidavit forms in which you will explain the projects you worked on and these forms will have to be signed of by your companies Master Black Belt or Project Champion. I also purchased the Electronic Exam CD and the solutions text. Doris June 25, Specially for understanding the Statistics topics.

How I Cracked the ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt Exam (CSSBB)

Sadique February csbsb, 8: In my case, I did not take any courses and relied on self study but it was not the ideal way to go.

I am sorry you didn’t pass the test, but it sounds like you did very well for having insufficient resources! We were not provided in our training program with the most up to lrimer book edition, sadly and a few of those questions were related to the missing chapters. If you buy the CSSBB flash drive, don’t be afraid to try to take the exam several times without looking anything up just to see how well you guess at correct answers.

But anything above correct answers is a pretty safe bet in my opinion.


Quality and Innovation

Even after studying the materials, practicing the test questions, and racking my brain over all of the subject matter, it was still a very rigorous test! What did you think? December 4, at You do not need to spend time making your own index sheets, unless you have ample time. Now that you are through with the first pass, and have attempted the relatively easier questions, you will feel satisfied knowing that at least 95 or csdbb questions must have been answered correctly.

If so, how difficult did you feel it was? For those of you who need to get black belt certification, make sure you complete your Green Belt training first and also tell your company that it is important for any applicant to clear the Green Belt first and then take the Black Belt.

Hello Nicole, You mentioned prmier the handbook helped you the most in the actual exam in checking the references. So assuming that you got 95 correct in your first pass, you are now heading into your second pass with confidence, less pressure, and target oriented.

On a scale of 1 You also have given me the idea of offering an online training course a couple times a year… would require some planning on my side but I could probably get it together by the fall, and that might be fun. I appreciate all of the pointers, I will definitely get on preparing my book this way.

Any additional info you can recommend, is much appreciated as I prepare for the test in This is really awesome what you have done to help all of us to prepare.

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