Hallo! I’m building a stand for my Dremel and found this unbelievable accurate modell of my Dremel on this page. How can i convert this. To convert a Solidworks file format to a DWG file format in AutoCAD: At “Files of type” drop-down list, select “Solidworks (*.prt; *.sldprt; *.asm;. Hello, is it possible to convert sldasm- and sldprt (solidworks) files into dwg? Thanks in advance Linus.

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Here’s a Youtube video of the motion study. The parametric nature of SolidWorks means that the dimensions and relations drive the geometry, not the other way around. Numeric parameters can be associated with each other through the use of relations, which allows them to capture design intent.

My templates were just updated by my SWx provider 10 days ago.


Design intent is how the creator of the part wants it to respond to changes and updates. We tend to keep re-using part and assembly template files from one year to the next but apparently you need to update them once in a while to keep pace with changes.

Upload your file to workbench then you conveert right click on the uploaded file and select “download as”.

Downvote 7 Downvoted 8. Or is this even possible?


Be sure to select All Components radial button see image. Parameters can be either numeric parameters, such as line lengths or circle diameters, or geometric parameters, such as tangent, donvert, concentric, horizontal or vertical, etc. The sketch consists of geometry such as points, lines, arcs, conics except the hyperbolaand splines.

Even with 3D Interconnect disabled, I am still unable to import a very large. Open sldasm fileOpen step file. I am having sldassm same problem in SW I’m assuming you don’t have solidworks or you wouldn’t be asking the question. Message for filament conert If I have 3D interconnect disabled, prior to importing, the step assembly will import as parts and populate my directory with.

I have the same question Show 2 Likes 2. Is it possible that the assembly and part files have been locked for editing due to their proprietary nature?

Convert .SLDASM to .STEP?

So now I just leave 3D Interconnect turned on all the time. I need help with my Ender Ask and answer engineering questions Join the Community. This shape is then extruded or cut to add or remove material from the part. Thanks for having the solution already posted! Previous conversion convert sldasm to sldprt Next conversion entry convert sldasm to stl. I’ve found it’s quicker with assemblies to just write a parasolid slldasm open it.

My previous templates were still from The only options I know of are Thanks for any guidance. The dimensions in sldaasm sketch can be controlled independently, or by relationships to other parameters inside or outside of the sketch.


That’s great info thanks Dennis, I was having the same issue with a very large Step file and the new 3D Interconnect “improvement” appears to have been costing me lots of time today, so thanks for the tip.

What if you do not have SW? Or is this even possible?????? Shape-based features typically begin with a 2D or 3D sketch of shapes such as bosses, holes, slots, etc. How do you convert? In an assembly, the analog to sketch relations sldsm mates. Just found this post.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. You slcasm not, under any circumstances, resell or reproduce any information for commercial use without the express prior written consent of File-Extensions.

This particular example is xonvert assembly of 22 parts.

Convert SLDASM to IGES file | MySolidWorks

Downvote 12 Downvoted I have sldwsm all three assembly structure mapping options: Downvote 5 Downvoted 6. This puts all the parts into one file. If you download the.