Avalon Quests, Preview #1 – Avalon Quests for Pathfinder Using the SPAGS system (the solo-player, party-based Pathfinder game system) A. Join Psyga as he gets Pokemon to explore the world of Avalon Quests! Will he have them Basically, it’s Pathfinder but made for a solo gamer. Avalon Quests – Making Adventures for a Party Controlled by a Solo . a number of players may not have read any of the Pathfinder books.

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Among the rumours, my party also heard that goblins attacked the town of Vermogen, and they are sending requests for help.

Let’s Attempt Avalon Quests

I have not done a hexcrawl in my entire life. Since they technically count as half the required party of six characters, I bumped their levels up by two.

Oh God, if I reduce this to 1…. Delphox and Greninja found avaoon and it knows very well where the Messenger is being held. Will it be going to town? Injuring one Hyena and killing off another.

We begin with someone calling for people to bring him the heads of goblins. Do the guards lend him a horse for taking in a thief? Roll… 64, No] [ Q: Oh God, if I reduce this to 1… [ Scene Roll: And questw they head off to confront whoever kidnapped the messenger. Chaos Factor remains at 4, mainly because nothing bad or good happened.


Natural 20 23 Greninja: Upon trying to read up how Hob works as a town, I came across a special quest to do if I were to return to Hob on the fifth day. See, I made six characters, but only three of them can actually count as such. They decide to rush in.

Let’s Attempt Avalon Quests | Solo RPG Voyages

Will The Brothel be moving? Now, the game advises me to make six characters, but I decided to skimp out a little.

Is the brothel a two-man job? Chesnaught refuses to leave the woman though and volunteers to take her there, while bringing some more back up with him hopefully. Notify me of new comments via email. Does Chesnaught know what it is? I love solo RPGs.

Daryl drops one of the Hyenas and so does Greninja. Escort the Escort ] With that, Chesnaught leaves and Daryl goes back to the group. Back to Delphox and Greninja. And he clubbed her over the head with a sap and knocked her out.

Hit and Miss] [Damage Roll: Is Chesnaught a new recruit as a Paladin? As Delphox and Greninja arrive at their camping spot, they noticed a small prpg of notes written in Avaon. They regain 7 gold from them, on top of 7 gold that the duo gained from other exploits. Missing Messenger ] Marking the quest at 05,02 on the hex map which, by the way, is the first time I ever dealt with hex-based mapsthe trio set off on their first Avalon Quest.


By that time, Chesnaught comes in and they all begin questss rest, the three of them gaining Experience. The way for setting quexts the base for the Avalon Event system is a bit weird. So, right as the party leave the town, a member of The Imperial Guard group swings on by and informs him of some information. Assist The Project] As Delphox and Greninja arrive at their camping spot, they noticed a small pile of notes written in Goblin.

The guard accepts the offer, and the level 3 fighter joins our cause, hopefully balancing out the party. Daryl goes for one of the Hyenas and attacks. No Way Roll… 31, No. And yes, their names are what you think pfrpt are. Granted, I can add Chaos to the number, but still… [ Event Roll: Roll… 17] Chesnaught is aware and he shows it. Chesnaught, with one swing, manages to cleave through the thug and took him down, dropping his magical dagger, which he picks up afterwards. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The horse complies and allows the group to ride it.